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Whether or not you're enrolled in one of our digital marketing programs, Ansira offers a variety of online resources to help you succeed. Enjoy the convenience of submitting content anytime via our online submission forms or viewing the digital creative assets in one location. Quickly access educational content through our email archive, example microsite, and reports pages and FAQ library. Be sure to fill out the Contact Us form below to get in touch with a member of the Ansira Digital Marketing team for additional assistance.

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Digital Submission Forms

Submit your own custom content or simply opt in to our suggested monthly updates using one of Ansira's online submission forms. With our new forms, just click once and you're done. We'll automatically make the updates to your microsite and Google+ page with just a single submission from you.

Email Archive

The Ansira digital marketing team is committed to helping you succeed with your digital marketing. Our monthly member emails are packed with content inspiration, digital trends and tips for best practices designed to work with the recommendations included in your quarterly reports. Click through our archives for a quick refresher or to view any recommendations you may have missed.

Example Microsites

Get inspiration for customizing your microsite from our example gallery. View a list of recommended updates from Ansira or create your own — the possibilities are endless.

Example Reports

The Ansira team is working on improving our reporting to make it easier for you to access and digest your digital performance data. Stay tuned for updates and examples of the updated documents coming soon!

Digital Marketing Assets

View the anytime digital marketing assets or seasonal national promotional creative galleries in one convenient location. Ansira will add your selections to your microsite and Google+ page.

FAQs & Definitions

Do you know the difference between a click-through rate and a conversion rate or the difference between a Google+ page manager and page owner? If not, the FAQ & Definitions section is for you. Check out the helpful digital marketing resources available from Ansira.

Contact Us

The Ansira Digital Marketing team is here for you. Please give us a call or share your questions or comments via our online form anytime.