Why Should You Choose Us?

Established in 1919, Ansira is one of the 12 largest independent marketing agencies in the U.S. (according to a 2013 Ad Age report) and has been recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in the emerging customer engagement agency landscape. The ability to mine customer data and manage channel partners; analyze, plan and project customer-centric marketing messages that drive business growth, is at the core of Ansira’s expertise.

It’s that expertise that prompted Carpet One to hire Ansira to work with both the corporate marketing team as well as individual Carpet One members. Through carefully crafted digital marketing packages, designed specifically to fit Carpet One member needs and budgets, Ansira can help members with digital media campaigns including paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, local listing management, content creation, website maintenance and more.

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Our Team

Paige Briggs

As a Senior Digital Account Representative for Carpet One, Paige serves as a liaison between Carpet One members and the experts on the Ansira team. Since joining the company in 2013, she has taken a high-energy approach to maximizing member marketing efforts on a local level guided by data-driven insights and customer engagement strategies. She works closely with members and has a genuine interest not only in their digital success, but also in their satisfaction with Ansira's digital marketing programs. Using member feedback, Paige has been instrumental in redeveloping the One Stop Digital and paid search reports, streamlining the online submission forms and developing easily accessible resources to enhance the overall user experience.

Prior to joining the company, she spent five years overseeing multiple digital programs from inception to completion and coordinating larger-scale marketing efforts across traditional and digital media platforms. She is well-versed in best practices for a variety of digital marketing tactics, and is able to guide Carpet One members as they select and implement the digital marketing strategy best suited for their store's location, budget and unique needs.

Paige earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a focus in public relations from the University of North Texas.

Sarah Bledsoe

As a Digital Account Representative, Sarah is the direct link between Carpet One members and Ansira’s team of Subject Matter Experts. Sarah is skilled in effectively communicating brand personality with expert organization and attention to detail. She is passionate about better connecting brands to their target audiences at the local level.

Prior to joining the One Stop Digital team, Sarah's responsibilities at Ansira included working closely with clients to implement and establish a proactive brand presence through the use of both traditional and digital media. She coordinated various customer engagement strategies to help clients create one-on-one experiences within their communities and enhance visibility. Using her past experiences, Sarah is able to assist Carpet One members in achieving maximum results online by enhancing their online presence while reinforcing their brand awareness.

Sarah earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications with a focus in advertising from Texas State University.

Whitney Hoard

Whitney is the newest member of the One Stop Digital Marketing Team. As a Digital Account Representative, she works directly with Carpet One members and serves as a liaison between store owner’s and Ansira’s team of digital experts. She loves working with Carpet One at the local level, helping store owners grow their business through tailored digital marketing programs.

Prior to joining the Ansira team in earlier this year, Whitney worked with emerging businesses in the Houston area and locally such as United Way of Denton County to create or expand their online social media presence. She has experience developing relationships between clients and their respective communities through digital and traditional marketing tactics. Her qualifications include website design, digital media pitching, developing social media content, and blogging on behalf of clients.

Whitney earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a focus in public relations from the University of North Texas.